Thursday, September 11, 2008

More on Agile, Requirements and Modeling

Today was the third and final day of the private conference I mentioned in my previous post. Today's keynote speaker was Scott Ambler, who discussed Agile Modeling.

A few notable things I jotted down from a 90-minute session:

* According to research at Dr. Dobbs Journal, 69% of those surveyed said they were currently using agile methods on projects, 15% of those that aren't currently using agile are planning to.
* In a 2007 survey (Dr. Dobbs), 72% of agile projects were considered successful, 63% of traditional projects were successful and 43% of offshore projects were successful. That's interesting!
* According to the Standish Group in the Chaos Report, version 3, 45% of implemented requirements are never used. 19% are rarely used. Wow, that's a whopping 64% of features that probably no one would ever miss! Only 7% of the implemented requirements are used always.
* To determine the effectiveness of documentation, ask "What is the probability that:
C - the documentation is correct
R - the docs are read
U - they are understood
F - they are followed
T - they are trusted"
Then, multiply C*R*U*F*T to get the overall effectiveness score.

* When you hand off a document to someone there is an immediate 25% information loss (much like the old game of "gossip").
* Models do not equal documentation. Modeling is a key scaling strategy for agile, is an important communication technique, and many agile practitioners perform modeling whether they admit it or not. Drawing on a whiteboard can be considered modeling.

Good information to think about!

Here's an interesting article:

Asimov solved internet fraud 30 years ago

See you later!

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