Friday, September 07, 2012

How to Wow Customers Even When You are Closed

Here I am in Cuchara, Colo, sitting on a boardwalk in 72 degrees and light rain (elevation 8,600 feet above sea level), outside a great little coffee shop, Brewed Awakenings.

Don't you love catchy names?

Unfortunately, almost every store in the village, including the coffee shop is closed because the Summer season is over. The owner of the shop (at least I think she is the owner  :-)  ) walked by a few minutes ago, unlocked the door to go in and I heard her say to someone, "I just need to get the cinnamon rolls."  (They have AWESOME ones.)

Me being vocal self, said "Sure, I'll take one," and just laughed. A few minutes later, out she comes with one on a paper plate. Keep in mind, the shop is closed!

I said, "Please let me pay you." She said, "Oh, just come back in sometime."

Isn't that great?  I'll be back tomorrow morning for sure!

So, I'll just finish my awesome cinnamon roll and wish everyone a great weekend.