Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where's My Gate?

Hi Folks,

I travel a lot. I have almost 2 million program miles just on American.

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced a new one. My wife and I were returning from Orlando and StarEast, connecting through DFW on American. (By the way, we had a great week at StarEast. It was good to see everyone.)

We were stranded in DFW on Friday evening due to the flight being delayed from Orlando so we stayed at the Hyatt in Terminal D. On Saturday morning we cleared security in Terminal D and saw that our gate to OKC was A22. So, we hopped on the SkyTrain and went to Terminal A. As we were walking to the gate, I looked at the monitors and saw to my dismay that the flight to OKC was leaving from gate D28. "Crap", I thought (and said, I think). I looked again just to make sure I wasn't looking at arrivals. Nope, it was D28.

So, we went back to Terminal D. As a sanity check, I looked again at the monitors and the flight was listed at gate A22. The information man must have seem my stunned look and asked if he could help. When I asked "Yes, which gate is the flight to Oklahoma City really leaving from?" He said, "Gate A22, just like it says there." I tried explaining that in Terminal A, the monitors said something different. By then, my wife was threatening to file for divorce.

We verified there was no plane at gate D28 heading to OKC, so BACK we went to A22. Finally, at gate A22 (my critical mistake was not actually going to gate A22 the first time), I told the gate agent that the monitor was showing the wrong gate. Her response? "Oh, those are wrong all the time."

Here's my question. Shouldn't the monitors be getting the data from the same source? Second question. If these are wrong "all the time" should someone be looking in to that? Oh least we made it home. I just won't be quite as trusting in the future.

Now for something completely different....

I keep finding these great videos I intend to share and never get around to it. You really need to check these out.

The "Retroincabulator" - This must have been filmed for the Rockwell Christmas party!

If you liked that, check this one out as well:

Watch your grammar. Otherwise, you may be visited by the grammar police!

Here is amazing one. Three guys playing one guitar!

Finally...Do you have ping pong ball skills? These guys do! back to work! Have a great week!