Wednesday, September 20, 2017

ASTQB Summit Recap

Hi Everyone,

I just want to thank everyone who helped make the recent ASTQB Summit in Newport Beach, CA a success. Our team did a great job with handling marketing and logistics, as well as the technical program. Our speakers did a great job (I'm not sure about that Rice guy...).

But most of all, I want to thank those that support ASTQB and spent last Friday to expand their knowledge and collaborate with other testers. We had people in attendance from all over the country!

I told people in my sessions that I would have my slides posted to the blog, but as a board we decided it would be more fair to those who paid to attend the event to have exclusive access to the materials. So, if you were in attendance you will soon be receiving an e-mail with instructions on how to get the content.

If you have any questions about anything I said in my three presentations (by the way, thanks also to my co-presenter Taz Daughtrey in the Mobile Testing and Security Testing Workshop), please feel free to add a comment/question below. I got a bit edgy in my Agile presentation, but sometimes I just feel I have to say it like I see it. I will have some articles and perhaps webinars in the coming days to flesh out those thoughts.

Thanks again!


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