Friday, May 31, 2013

Paul is Definitely Alive!

Last night I had the opportunity to check off a bucket list item - getting to see Paul McCartney perform live in concert. It was an amazing show flawlessly performed by 5 guys who can rock. Click here for the review.

At age 70, McCartney is an inspiration to me. Talk about energy!

I was contrasting this concert to the Eric Clapton concert I went to a couple of months ago. Don't get me wrong - I really like Eric Clapton, too. He's one of the greatest guitarists of all time. But...he mainly played, took a bow, did an encore, took another bow and left. Very little audience interaction.

At last night's concert, I felt like I was at a party jamming with old friends. Paul told funny and touching stories. He expressed his empathy at the losses recently in the tornadoes. I thought "Let it Be" was the perfect song for that. It was also a classy thing to do to come back on the 2nd Encore, waving the Oklahoma Flag, with someone else carrying the British flag.

I know that discussing the relative talent and appeal of artists is very subjective. All I can say is that McCartney entertained. Big time. And the audience wanted more, even after 2 encores.

To quote from the review, “You have been a fantastic crowd here tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but there does come a time when we gotta go home … and there comes a time when you gotta go home, too,” the rocker cautioned the crowd after delivering the weirdly wonderful combo of “Yesterday” and “Helter Skelter.”

As I was just letting it all soak in on the 2-hour drive back to Oklahoma City, I was thinking that I have fans in what I do, and you have fans in what you do.  If you are reading this as one of my fans, this will have meaning to you. I don't see things like a lot of other consultants and trainers see them. I have a special "sound" you might say.

So, play to your audience and let the others go find the sound they like. No need to change your sound to please them. Not everyone will like your sound. In fact, some people will like some of what you do, but not all of what you do. That helps make you better; it helps make me better!

By the way, I have a recorded presentation on How to Be a Software Testing Rock Star at

Some takeaways:
  • Know what pleases your audience and give it to them.
  • Give a little extra
  • Leave them wanting more (that came from Will Rogers)
  • Be gracious and kind
  • Have fun
  • Rock it loud!

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