Monday, July 04, 2011

Test Manager Workshop with Randall Rice and William Perry

Name your software testing challenge and other test mangers and the workshop faculty will give you solutions!

As a software test manager, you face pressure from all directions. Customers expect high-quality products, project managers want to get the projects delivered on time, your management expects you to do more with less, and your team needs your leadership.

You could take a class in software test leadership or management, but much of the knowledge comes from the front of the room. What if you could determine the topics based on your own needs?

This is not a class or a conference, but a highly interactive and personal event. You will spend time personally with William Perry and Randall Rice to discuss your specific testing needs.

You need a mentor! Personal mentoring is one of the most effective ways to get guidance and build knowledge. Mentoring fills the gap that training cannot fill by giving you face-to-face, personal feedback about how to deal with tough issues.

In this unique opportunity, you can spend two days with two respected test management consultants, William E. Perry and Randall W. Rice to gain insight and solve your specific testing problems. Perry and Rice literally wrote the book on people issues in software testing. William E. Perry has written over 30 books on software testing and quality assurance. They share over 80 years of professional software quality and testing experience in world-class organizations.

Any and all topics are on the table. As an example, some of the topics suggested by test managers are:

• People issues in software development and testing
• Testing large and complex legacy systems
• Testing SOA and cloud-based applications
• Test metrics and measurements for showing your value
• How to grow as a test team leader
• How to communicate your value and your team’s value
• How to grow your team
• Test tools and test automation
• Software QA processes
• Software forensics
• Testing internal controls
• Testing information security
• Applying statistical methods to software quality
• Gathering and defining testable user requirements
• Managing expectations
• The Ins and Outs of software test certifications
• Any topic of interest to you!

However, the final topics will be determined by the attendees during the conference. That ensures your topic will be discussed!

You will leave this event with confidence and knowledge in how to best approach your situations.

Location – Orlando, FL (exact venue to be announced later)
Dates – Thursday, October 27 and Friday, October 28, 2011
Cost - $1,295 per person

Seats are limited, so reserve yours early to avoid disappointment.

Bonus Option!

Attend one day earlier to have an extra opportunity with Randy and Bill to learn how to test dirty systems.

The day prior to the workshop, William Perry and Randall Rice will be conducting a one-day interactive workshop based on their new book, Testing Dirty Systems. In this workshop you will learn:

• How to apply statistical process control (SPC) to software development and maintenance
• How to acquire system knowledge
• How to plan and perform the testing of large, complex and undocumented systems
• How to measure and report the test results in value-added ways
• How to use test results to clean a dirty system

Location – Orlando, FL (exact venue to be announced later)
Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Cost - $550 per person if attended as part of the two-day Software Test Managers’ Workshop, $690 if attending only the one-day event.

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