Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

It seems that everyone I've been speaking with over the past week or so is really glad we have 2008 behind us. I am, too, but I'm not very sure 2009 will be better (at least in terms of the economy). I hope it is better, but I like to keep my expectations in line. We have pretty big challenges as a country and world.

I try to avoid making New Year resolutions because they are so easily forgotten. Instead, I try to focus on goals. One year, I made a list "10 things I want to remember" for the coming year. That was interesting to bring to mind throughout the year the important things.

I have some pretty major goals this year:
  • Finish three books I have in progress
  • Get about six more e-learning courses produced and out on the website.
  • Develop some test strategies and content for cloud computing (Thanks, Mike for that suggestion).
  • Contact at least two people in my network each day, just to stay in touch (so don't be surprised if you get a call from me).
  • Complete my advanced level test certification (one part down - two to go!)
  • Actually publish my newsletter every month this year!
  • I'm also working on this major project to document all of the processes used in my office - all the way from accounting to website maintenance.

Then, there are my personal goals: books I want to read, people I want to develop deeper relationships with, a better use of my time, and then the big one: to organize my office!

I also have this car restoration project (a 1949 Plymouth) I would like to finish while my dad is still alive to see it and ride in it.

One more thing - My goal is to journal each day. I have been hit and miss, but at least have been doing it for a few years. Back in November while in London I was able to stop by Harrods and get their 2009 Diary, which I find perfect for journaling. Plus, it's expensive enough to give me the incentive to actually use it.

I learned a great tip on this from my mentor, Jim Rohn. Mr. Rohn says that it's good to have a notebook with loose leaf pages for all my projects. Each project gets a tab. Throughout the year I will make notes about how each project is going. On the journals, the one time I spoke face to face with Mr. Rohn he told me that if I stay consistent, one day I'll have an entire shelf of journals to document for my kids and grandkids my ideas, experiences, pictures and thoughts. Today, I look at my shelf and I have about ten of those books. My goal is one book per year.

I hope this prompts you to make a short list of things you would like to do, be, or experience this year. It's easy to dismiss goals, like resolutions. But they really do propel us forward and give a chance to review at the end of the year the progress we have made. For me, if it's not a goal I probably will get distracted and not do it.

Your goals might be:
  • To learn a new skill
  • To visit a new place
  • To make a new friend
  • To be better at what you do
Just remember, it's not the economy that determines our success or failure - it's your outlook, faith and philosophy. There are always people that do well in bad times as well as good.

I hope you comment on this post and share some of your goals and thoughts about the New Year!

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