Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calling All Dashboards

In my December newsletter I asked for any of you that have created and/or maintained software testing or software project dashboards to let me know some of the most helpful metrics you track on those dashboards. I have received a few responses, but could use a few more to get a good sense of trends.

The reason I'm asking is because I am working on a keynote presentation for StarEast 2009 on that topic. It would be good to share the most popular dashboard items as described by you, my loyal blog readers, clients, students and friends (hey, some of you may be in all three of those categories!).

In case you are wondering what a testing dashboard is, you can view and listen to my original presentation here: Keeping it Between the Ditches - A Dashboard to Guide Your Testing. It's about 35 minutes long.

By the way, for all those who submit their ideas, I will send a copy of my StarEast presentation.

Also, I hope you can join me and my special guest Fiona Charles on Friday, January 16th at Noon Eastern time as we discuss the new book "The Gift of Time". This book is a tribute to the life of Jerry Weinberg and is a collection of essays by people like James Bach, Michael Bolton, Ester Derby, Johanna Rothman and many others.

I think you will leave this teleconference with wisdom and insights that Jerry Weinberg has imparted to us that can add a new perspective on "why" you do "what" you do in IT.

This Friday (January 16th) at noon Eastern time, you can get in on this call. You can also call in to ask your questions live!

There is no cost for this call, except for the long distance charges if you choose to call in. (You can listen free on the web.) If you can't be there live, it will be recorded for later listening.

Just go to The call in number is (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 26874 The start time is 12:00 EST (Friday) and the call will last no longer than an hour.

Once again, you can listen over the web and ask your questions by text message if you are in another country or just don't want to call in.



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