Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday at the Oklahoma City Moodle Moot

Today we heard from Martin Dougiamas, the original developer of Moodle and still the leader, who explained where Moodle came from and where it is going. He said something I found interesting that we as testers already know. He admitted that version 1.7 was a bad release and that his lesson learned was not to release a version just to meet a deadline. Amen, brother!

Martin asked “What is the single most powerful technique for online learning?” In the audience we had several good answers, such as collaboration, communication, etc. His answer was “Asking questions.” He said that's when the learning activity increases. I think that's a good thing to remember for either live training or e-learning. In fact, I offer an optional teleconference session for my corporate e-learning clients and may soon expand that to all of my e-learning students.

The idea is to offer people the opportunity to ask questions about what they have learned in the e-learning sessions. If people don't ask me question, then I ask them questions. Sometimes I say outrageous things just to get a debate going!

This has been a very valuable conference. I have learned more in two days of intense questioning and exposure than I have learned in three years of using Moodle! It's the best $99 I've ever spent on training!

I'm excited to say that I am committed to:

1) Getting to the most recent version of Moodle, which will add great value to all of my students,
2) Being more active in the local and international Moodle community,
3) Being a help to others who want to implement Moodle to enhance their students' learning success.

Stay tuned, folks. This is going to be great!

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