Friday, February 24, 2017

Rice Consulting Announces Accreditation of New Certification Training Course for Testing Cyber Security

Press Release: For Immediate Release

Oklahoma City, OK, February 24, 2017:  Randall Rice, internationally-recognized author, consultant and trainer in software testing and cyber security testing is excited to announce the accreditation of his newest course, ISTQB Advanced Security Tester Certification Course.

This is a course designed for software testers and companies who are looking for effective ways to test the security measures in place in their organization. This course teaches people in-depth ways to find security flaws in their systems and organizations before they are discovered by hackers.

The course is based on the Advanced Security Tester Syllabus from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), of which Randall Rice is chair of the Advanced Security Tester Syllabus working party.  The American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) granted accreditation on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. Accreditation verifies that the course content covers the certification syllabus and glossary. In addition, the reviewers ensure that the course covers the materials at the levels indicated in the syllabus.

“With thousands of cyber attacks occurring on a daily basis against many businesses and corporations, it is urgent that companies have some way to know if their security defenses are actually working effectively. One reason we keep hearing about large data breaches is because companies are trusting too much in technology and are failing to test the defenses that are in place. Simply having firewalls and other defenses installed does not ensure security,” explained Randall Rice. “This course provides a holistic framework that people can use to find vulnerabilities in their systems and organizations. This framework addresses technology, people and processes used to achieve security.”

This course is currently available on an on-site basis, public courses and in online format. For further details, visit To schedule a course to be presented in your company, contact Randall Rice at 405-691-8075 or by e-mail.

Randall W. Rice, author and trainer of the course is a Certified Tester, Advanced Level and is on the Board of Directors of the ASTQB. He is the co-author with William E. Perry of two books, “Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing” and “Testing Dirty Systems.”

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