Thursday, January 31, 2013

Notes from Today's Webinar - Test Data Strategies for ICD-10 Testing

Here are the notes from today's webinar on test data strategies for ICD-10 testing.

Download slides in PDF format.

In this session, Dexter Oliver, Randy Rice and Dr. Tauhida Parveen outlined the importance of test data in ICD-10 testing, and some ways that the test data challenge can be addressed. Getting the right test data is one of the most challenging aspects of any type of testing, but ICD-10 poses unique challenges, such as:

  • Which diagnosis codes will need to be included?
  • Which business conditions will need to be supported?
  • How much data will be needed?
  • Where will the data be obtained?
  • How will resources be allocated to create test data and perform testing? 
The video will be posted shortly.



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