Sunday, November 16, 2008

Travel Tips Around the Hague (World Forum and Museum Area)

As a traveler, I always like to pick up and share helpful tips when possible. I like to be a traveler instead of a tourist. As a business-oriented traveler, this can be challenging. For example, instead of paying $30 for breakfast at the hotel, I like to experience local color and less expense.

So while I was staying at the Golden Tulip by the World Forum in The Hague (which I thought was a great place to stay), here are some little finds:

Right around the corner and down the block there's a little coffee shop. It's right on the #17 tram line after the museum stop. That's where locals gather in the morning and have coffee and breakfast. The owner fixed me a great breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and real coffee (brewed - not the Americano-style) for 3.20 Eur. It was great! I ate there three or four times in all. If you explore around, you will find a shortcut trail that takes you from the coffee shop to the World Forum.

Find #2

I am on a two-week trip, so I must do laundry, or have it done for me. Hotels charge an arm and a leg for this, so I scouted out this self-serve laundry just a few blocks from my hotel in the shopping district, which is only 3 - 4 blocks from the hotel. I was able to do two small loads of laundry for 12.50 Eur. While I was doing laundry, I browsed in the many stores in the shopping area. If you have trouble finding it, just ask the people in the coffee shop!

By the way, there is also another laundry just down the street.

Find #3

The shopping area just blocks from the hotel has almost anything you might need on a trip: clothing, groceries (there is a large store there by European standards), banks (ATMs), drug store, carryout pizza, restaurants, hardware, a copy shop, bookstores, amazing bakeries, chocolate and cheese stores, and more. Just watch out for the chicken wings - they didn't agree with me.

I hope these make your trip to the World Forum in The Hague a little easier and more interesting!


Alex said...

great tips!!!!! breakfast for 3.20 Eur. that is a fair deal!!!! you should post it on
Best Wishes!!!!

Randy Rice said...

Thanks, and it is a quite good breakfast as well! I'll follow-up on your suggestion.

Best regards,