Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SOA Testing Online Training Course Finally Ready!

I've been working the past month or so to bring my newest course, Testing Service-Oriented Architectures to the online format. Well, the day has arrived!

To register and learn more about the course, visit:


To see a demo:

(you can login as a guest and stay anonymous.)

The great thing about my e-learning courses is that you can learn at your own pace. Plus, it's ideal for small teams. The online course has exactly the same content as the live course, except the lecture is more time-compressed (I don't take as long to explain things.) and the exercises are optional, but encouraged.

You may also notice I have a new shopping cart!

On another note about SOA, I was interviewed my Mike Kavis recently for an article at www.cio.com on "Six Questions to Consider Before Building a SOA Testing Team". You can read the article at: http://www.cio.com/article/448970/Six_Questions_to_Consider_Before_Building_a_SOA_Testing_Team?page=1

When it comes to testing, just like development, SOA has a different set of technology, business and project concerns. You really need to be thinking about the testing aspect of SOA early in your project because there are some far-reaching implications, such as performance and security that you just can't piece together at the end of the project.

I the article, I mention finding 2 or 3 people in other organizations that have some lessons learned and tapping them as mentors. You can't find every thing you need to know in books, articles and courses (even mine!). When you are on the "bleeding edge" of technology, you need people to brainstorm with!

Now I must go and get my September newsletter out. Have I mentioned I've been busy lately?

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